Dollar Index Update on 12 June 2017


The US Dollar Index are trading at 97.06 with a loss of -0.19% percent or -0.18 point . The cac 40 index are trading at 5,245.49 with a loss of  –1.02% percent or -54.22 point . The DAX Index are trading at 12,701.65 with a loss of  –0.89% percent or –114.07 point. The EURO Stoxx 50 Index are trading at 3,548.72 with a loss of  –1.04% percent or –37.35 point .


Wall Street finished on a mixed note in a light day in terms of corporate and economic news, as Technology shares sold-off alongside data revealing the largest inflows into bonds for 122 weeks.

By the closing bell, the Nasdaq-100 had fallen 2.44%, its worst one-day performance since September.

In prescient fashion, strategists at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch had pointed out the day before how Technology had become the most crowded trade by large-cap active funds that it had ever been, particulary the so-called FANG (the acronym for stocks.



U.S. market indexes were mixed Friday. For the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 21,271.97 for up with  +0.42% percent or +89.44 point. The S&P 500 closed at 2,431.77 with  a loss of  –0.08% percent or –2.02 point. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 6,207.92 with a loss of  –1.80% percent or +113.85 point.

Other leading market index closes included the small-cap Russell 2000 Index closed at 1,421.71 for up with +0.43% percent or +6.09 point; the S&P 600 Small-Cap Index closed at 864.11 for up with +0.73% percent or +6.23 point; the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index closed at 1,757.54 for up with +0.39% percent or +6.78 point; the S&P 100 Index closed at 1,071.90 with a loss of –0.11% percent or –1.14 point; the Russell 3000 Index closed at 1,441.25  with a loss of -0.05% percent or -0.70 point; the Russell 1000 Index closed at 1,347.51  with a loss of -0.09% percent or -1.18 point; and the Dow Jones U.S. Select Dividend Index closed at 21,271.97 for up with +0.42% percent or +89.44 point.

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